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By | June 22, 2016

Out of office message outlook 2010 template with the best information and examples about Best out of office message outlook 2010 without exchange. An out of office message is an automated reply email sent to the clients when you are out of the office or away for a vacation or any other purpose.

In short, the clients won’t get affected in your absence and the out of the office messages outlook does the work on your behalf.

It works when you are away and wishes to set up an auto-reply message to inform the clients of when you will be back or update them with any alternative number in case of any emergency so that the clients can be aware of your absence.

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 Out of office message outlook

How to create an Out-of-office message?

It is very easy and simple to create out of office auto-reply messages and set as a reply on your absence. All you need to do is:

– Firstly, log into the mail service via webmail.

– Next, go to the filters options and click to set up or edit mail filters to set up.

– If in case you are looking for a vacation message, then click on the “VACATION” tool and by doing so, a small page appears and open up and edit your vacation filter to set up automated reply.

– Now enter the email id for which you want the message to be created as the automatic reply and then staff mail this under the “Advanced SETTINGS” and the message gets saved as the default identity.

– You can also limit the number of replies to send for particular clients and adjust the time and date as per your convince. A number of days can also be set for your computer to work automatically on your behalf.

After doing the default settings as per your requirement, it is also needed to disable the message on return else the process will be continued to take place automatically.

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Out of office message outlook examples

How to disable your message on return?

– When back, all you need to do to disable the message is log into the webmail and click on the filters option.

– You will see a green tick just next to the vacation rule.

– Click the green tick and the page gets refreshed and the color of the green tick changes to Red Cross.

– Lastly, the filters have been saved message pops up to ensure that the messages are been disabled.

– Also, if you have set any start and end dates for your out of office automated reply, you don’t have to make any changes as the system automatically stops working as a reply depending upon the end date and time.


Here are few examples of out of office message automated replies to emails.

– Hey there,

This message is automated until March 23rd because I am moving to Bangalore. That’s right, Across-city road trip from Hyderabad and I will get back to you we pull back into the driveway.

Did you email to me to ask me about the marketing software? Well, then you don’t have to wait more as get our introductory book available.

Talk soon,


– Hi there,

Thanks for your email. I am currently on holidays with family having a quality time. For any urgent matter, Joe will help you. She does not charge any extra but is good to help you in all ways.

See you as soon as possible,



Now, it is easy and simple to set up an out-of-office vacation message and Outlook will reply to the new messages from clients in your absence. Yes, it is possible. It is possible to take your emails where ever you go but what not is possible is to leave for days and go.

But, it’s made possible by the Out of office message Outlook. All you need to do is just set up an automated reply in Outlook. The steps below will guide you through the setting up process:

– Go to the outlook and create a new message and then enter the subject you want for your outlook auto-reply.

– Then click on the “FILE” and choose the save as option.

– Ensure that the outlook template is been selected under the save as type and then enter a file name and then only click on SAVE.


If you wish to use the Outlook Exchange, you have to follow the following procedure to set out of office reply:

Go to the Main Outlook window and click on the file and open the Automatic replies. Then select the send automatic replies and make sure the auto-responder start and stop option is there automatically. The send during this time range must be checked and the desired date and time for starting the reply message should also be mentioned properly.

Now go to the inside my organization and enter the message you wish to set up and this email will be sent to people in the company and in order to send messages outside the company, open the outside My organization tab and ensure the security risks involved and then enter the message sent to people outside the company and then finally click ok.


You can now set up Out of office message if you have an Outlook 2010 email account which is no exchange server. The important thing to be noted while using this method is to ensure that the computer is on and the Outlook account is been opened in your absence as if no, then this method will not work.

To get started, just open up a new email message and then go to the format text tab. You should set the message under the out of office outlook 2010 using rules.

Then you have to select the Plain text and type message you want to set up in your email. Details should be given like when and what time you will be back and be available and who will be looking after in your absence.

Details related to that person should also be given. Once you have set it all right, go to the file tab and click save as and then select the type of the file and enter a name and then save the file.

Then click on the rules options and manage rules and alerts. Then select on messages I receive and click on the next and make sure you select the sent only to my the box and then click next.

Then just a few things to make note of and you are done. Make sure you select the reply using a specific template and click on the open option and create the out of office message template without exchange 2010, and click on the Finish to close the rules and alerts dialogue box.



Many outlook users are familiar with the Out of office message outlook 2007. However, few important things are to make sure before sending auto replies using Outlook 2007 like the first thing is that the outlook must in running process and the check periodically for new messages settings options should be turned on.

The other important thing using rules and alerts is “the reply using a specific template” is used only once in order to prevent any type of spam.

How to create out of office auto-reply in Outlook 2007?

– To get started, write a new message in Outlook by going on OPTIONS> FORMAT> PLAIN TEXT. Then create your own message that people will receive as auto-reply when you are not available.

– Go to the Microsoft office Button and then search for the save as option and once you find it, click on it and type the name of the file and select outlook Template as save as type.

– Next thing you need to do is Click rules and alerts under tools options and then click the new rule button and click star from a blank rule.

– Now check messages when they arrive and click on the next.

– Here, click on the SENT TO ME ONLY option and again click next and select the check box REPLY USING A SPECIFIC TEMPLATE’. It appears in blue color and clicks on it.

– Select user templates in the file system and the template we saved earlier should appear and then click open. You can name your rule and click finish.


– In outlook 2010, click on the file and select AUTOMATIC REPLIES.

– Ensure that you click on “send automatic replies and check the only send during this time range”.

– You can specify a start and end time to reply automatically and get activated and deactivated depending on the start time and end time mentioned.

– Now enter a proper and net message under “INSIDE MY ORGANAISTAION” and the saved message will be sent by emails to the inside members of the organization.

– The option is also available to send the reply to Outside people and for this you have to click on the “OUTSIDE MY ORGANISATION”menu and make sure “AUTO REPLY TO PEOPLE OUTSIDE MY ORGANISATION” is verified and now enter the message that will be sent to people through email outside the organization and then clicks ok.

Similarly, it is easy to deactivate the out of office automatic replies under Outlook 2010 when you are back. Just click on the file and then automatic replies. Further, click on the do not send automatic replies and click ok and you are done!


In order to create an out of office message outlook 200 templates, follow the steps:

– To get started, click on the new e-mail in the ribbon.

– Click on the Plain Text on the format text tab and type the information that you want to display in the reply message and then click on the ribbon and then click Save As.

– Select outlook template in the Save Ass type list in the save as dialogue box and type the name you want to save an s the file name and then click on save. And you are done.

The out of office message template is ready to use.


It is possible to use a Microsoft server account in Outlook 2013 and use the automatic replies feature.By combining the outlook 2013 and outlook rules, the automatic replies feature will get available only to exchange server accounts. Let’s get started to how to create an auto-reply message under outlook 2013:

– Firstly you should create a template by clicking on home and then selecting the new email option.

– Type the message in the text column as it is required to send the automated replies and once done, click on the file> save as option.

– Click further on the outlook template in the save as box and in the save as type list.

– Type the file name of the message template and then save it by clicking SAVE.

– Now it is needed to create rules and alerts for the auto-reply messaged generated.

– Click on the home menu>Rules> manage rules and alerts.

– Click on the new rule and under the start from a blank rule option, click on the “APPLY RULES ON MESSAGES I RECEIVE “and then click on the next button appearing on the screen.

– Then all you need to do is set a specific template by checking the underlined value.

– Click on the user template in the file system and then select the template that’s been already created and saved and then click open option and after done with all these steps, click open.

– If needed, you can add any expectations to the auto-reply rule. You can skip the step if you don’t want to set any expectations.

– Then click next and specify a file name for this rule and then now after making all h necessary changes and settings and setting the rules and alerts as per wish, click on finish. Hurray. You are done!

Disable the automatic replies under Outlook 2013:

Once you are back from vacation or what so ever termed reason, it is important to turn off the automatic replies. All you need to do is:

– Click on the Home option and go to rules and gain go on the Manage rules and alerts option.

– Now to turn off, uncheck the rule in the email rules tab. By doing so, the messages gets turned off and the email is not automatically replied in your absence.

Final Verdict about Out of office message outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2014

However, the example of Out of-office messages outlook 2003 is no more used by the people as it has gone very old and the Microsoft exchange outlook does not support it. to conclude, the out of office messages auto-reply can be created easily using any of the outlooks depending upon your computer software and the messages can be created in your absence very easily and different versions.

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