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Out of office message sample and also best Out of office message examples and many more about this topic you will get here. Out of Office message in other words is known as set a vacation message. If you are on leave or out for a vacation, several mails turns up and the customers don’t know whether the employee is available for work or no. The emails remain unattended and the customers wait for the response for their mails.

So, the out of office message will automatically reply to any incoming mails you receive in the absence. This reduces the tension era that gets created between the customers and employees. The email quota can also be exceeded and the sender will not receive funny out of office messages but will receive a system generated msg indicating that the email quota is exceeded. The msg can also be sending within specific dates and can send people within outside the university.

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 Out of office message sample

What is the Procedure to set up Vacation message/Out of office Message?

Follow the simple procedure to set up a vacation message/out of office message:

– Log in @ http://mail.uwo.ca , the convergence webmail application.

– Select options> Mail> Local Account> Vacation Message.

– Enable Auto-reply in the field on the right side of the page.

– Enter start/end dates.

– Enter hours between replies- this feature controls how many hours escape you want before the system and send another vacation messages to the user to meet the email clients. For example, one client says Mary has sent a message on the first day of the vacation, after two hours, Mary will receive a vacation notifications. If the time limit is set for 4 hours, Mary will receive only one message.

– Enter the subject, msg to co-workers and msg to other senders.

– Click Save and it’s done!

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Out of office message sample


When NYIT administrative offices are closed for a holiday break:

Thank you for your email. NYIT administrative offices are closed from [DAY OF WEEK]. [MONTH][DAY][YEAR] to [DAY OF WEEK], [MONTH] [DAY] [YEAR], and will have limited access to email during this time.

Your message is very important to me, and I will respond when I return to the office on [DAY OF WEEK] [MONTH] [DAY] [YEAR].


Thank you for your email. NYIT administrative offices are closed from Wednesday, NOV 3, 2015 to Tuesday, JAN. 02, 2016/. I will have limited access to email during this time. Your message is very important to me, and I will respond to the office on Tuesday, Jan, 02, 2016.

When you are out on a vacation or taking personal time off:

Thank you for your email. I am out of office [with limited access to email] and will return on [DAY OF WEEK] [MONTH] [DAY] [YEAR]. Your msg is very important to me, and I will respond as soon as possible.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact XXXXXX at XXXXX.


Thank you for your email. I am out of the office and I will return on Wednesday. March 24, 2016. If you need immediate assistance, please contact Mary, 0912345678 or [email protected].


No. 1 Out of office messages for lead generation :- In order to build trust and expand more sales , you are in two-way doubt whether your out-of-office email response will be ready by someone in your absence .


Hey there,

This msg is automated because until March 23rd I am moving to Avenue Park. That’s right. A cross country road from the sector street. I will get back to you when we pull into the driveway.

Did you email to ask me about content marketing software? Well then, don’t wait. Get our introductory book.

Talk soon,


No. 2 Out of Office messages for going on Vacation: – If you are going on a vacation, try to surprise your customers with an Out of office message that appears on your behalf and tension free and enjoy the vacation.


Hey there,

I am currently in London. My Inbox didn’t join me on this trip, so I’ll be sure to answer your msg as soon as I return back on Wednesday, MARCH 23, 2016.

If anything urgent, please contact – [email protected]

Thanks and happy holidays!


No. 3 Out of office messages for business trips:-Now make your email unique when you are out for travelling for work and be a standard part of the job. If you are travelling to a conference you can set up your email.



Thanks for your email. I will be away from the office until September 13th and will respond as soon as I can.

For all support requests/needs, please reach out to [email protected] and one of my colleagues will be happy to assist you.

If you are interested in signing up for Yes ware, feel free to reach out to my manager john at [email protected].

If you will be at Dream force September 15-18, let me know and I would love to find a few minutes to connect. You can learn more about Yes ware dream force presence here, including a party, both and in-office demos with catered breakfast and lunch.



No. 4 Out of office messages for the plain funny way: -Go a long way to set up an out of office message in a plain and funny way. Use a little humor to build the rapport with the clients and develop the relationship between the customers and employees and direct the eyes of the clients.


Hey there!

Iam off for the week on a beach, proving myself that science is right when it says sharks attacks are rare. I will be safe to get back to you but your email may get swallowed by my inbox. Please add all finished lists on the board as you can see John if you have any questions. If it’s urgent send to [email protected] and if you are just bored, here are some facts to know,

– Some people have way so much money.

– Health is wealth.

– Beer makes you look young.

– I love cats just like john.


Written below are some of the examples in which different types of templates are used to set up a reply in English.

– Formal style:

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, I am currently out of office and will not return until 3rd November.

If you require immediate assistance in my absence, please contact John on 0912345678 or [email protected] . He will be available to deal with your enquiry.

Otherwise, I will respond to your email as soon an s possible after my return,

Best regards,


– Direct to the point:

I will be out of office from Nov 3rd to Nov 10th with no access to my emails.

If your msg is urgent, please contact Mary on 0912345678 or [email protected] .

– Sales/ customer service help departments:

Thank you for your msg. I am currently out of office and will not return until November 10th.

Your business is important to us and I will respond to you immediately when I return to work.


Thank you very much for your email. Currently, I cannot answer your msg promptly. I will come back to you after my return on Nov 10th.

As your email will not be forwarded, please contact in the meantime my colleague, Mary, 0912345678, [email protected].

Best regards,



Auto responder email message is required to be created especially for email marketing purpose. If you are planning a vacation or go out of office, the auto responder email message is required.

An Auto responder email message is basically a notification that you receive when the person you are trying to reach is not available. Messages are to typed carefully as it is very important to see that the client doesn’t gets irritated and the Company’s reputation does not goes on stake. The customer should feel satisfied with the response in your absence.

The auto responder messages give informations like how long the person you are reaching is unavailable and who else is the person in the absence and from when will the person be back available. Make sure the message is not too lengthy and is set up in an easy and convenient way understood by the email users. Try to manage your absence in such a way that the client doesn’t get affected and uninformed.


Hey there,

Thank you for your email. I am out of the office and will be back on Nov 10th. During this period I will have limited access to my e- mail.

For immediate assistance please contact me on my cell phone at 0912345678 or [email protected] .

Best regards,



If you plan to go out and not be available for a particular span of time or days and is not available to reply to the mails, you can choose an option of the Out of office Assistant to manage your inbox and automatically respond to the incoming emails.

By using Microsoft outlook or web email services from any location, this can be done. Isn’t it cool? Yes it indeed is! You can now also schedule your message ahead of times so that you don’t forget to set them in burry and can create internal and external messages which differ depending on who will receive the.

Make sure you grant full customer support in order to maintain the relationship and build the brand equity. One wrong move will bring you down so always be double sure.

– Tips to create YOUR MESSAGES:

. Firstly, click on the file >info> automatic replies.

. After doing so, the automatic replies dialog box appears.

.Go ahead and click on the send auto-reply radio button and then enter the text and make sure the text area will be clear and it becomes active and you can type the message.

. Choose from two tabs inside my Organization and Outside My organization. Generally, use your mouse to copy paste.


. Open the page and click on the “Send automatic replies radio button.” Until you turn off the assistant option, automatic replies will be continued to send. Keep as a reminder to off the assistant. Now, tap the “Send” option and the date and time options become available.

. As per your wish, select date and time options.

. If the out of office assistant will turn off on the day and time you selected, do not send automatic replies audio button, else the messages will continue to get delivered.

. Make double sure that the automatic replies should never mention a holiday or any other reason for being unavailable.


You can create your rules that automatically manages incoming messages by telling Outlook what action to be taken in the absence. It works as you set it and functions accordingly to the changes you make. Creating rules to automatically move or copy messages to other folders or to delete messages or to send custom replies and others can be provided and done by you in order to create out of office message to the clients in the emails.


. Information related to the date of return.

. Access the email with proper communication.

. Build a strong rapport and discuss whatever you are mentioning in the absence of your colleague and make him aware of the name and contact details you are providing as an assistant. Do not just blindly reply if you are confused with the query and it is also important to meet the target specified at any cost. Else it would create problem.

. Provide for requests for information as defined by the Freedom of information Act, data Protection Act or environmental information Regulations.


Microsoft exchange helps to exchange out of office messages. It is helpful to send emails in your absence or when you are out of office. There are two ways you can set up messages. Use outlook web access for out of office messages.

All you need to do is log in using your exchange mobile username and password. Once you are logged into outlook web access, click on the options menu and select out of office assistant and then follow the same rules as mentioned above for the outlook assistant details.

The other way is to use windows Mobile 6 devices for out of office message outlook. This is the great tool especially if you left the office or no more available on the computer. All that’s needed is to set up to work with the Microsoft Exchange email.

Open your outlook email application on mobile device and choose menu on the right side of the corner and then select out of office email option. This might take few minutes to retrieve the message settings on your mobile phone. Change current settings and type Autoreply message in the textbox. Now save your message device settings to the server. Very important is to remember to change the status of the mobile before entering the office using the same procedure and you are done finally.

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