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By | June 10, 2016

Out of office email message samples for your business and also best out of office email message examples many more today we are sharing in this post. Ever wondered what out of office email is? Frankly I did not understand what it was initially, but yes now am completely aware of it. Although the term “out of office” sounds a general term but, it isn’t a casual one.

As the name goes, “out of office” its meaning is also somewhere obvious. I know you might be thinking what is it all about? So let me start with simple words, this “out of office message” is such a message that when you are temporarily not attending office or are not available for work, this “out of office message” is automatically generated and is send to those contacts who mail you or have any queries with you.

Out of office email message sample

Out of office email message sample with Out of office email Examples 

So I hope you have got clarity with this term? If you haven’t got, don’t worry, am also going to provide in this article few samples of out of office emails so that your doubts are clear.

Another definition for out of office is, when you are on vacation and you do not want to miss any of your confidential work, since you keep receiving business or any important emails and being on vacation you cannot reply them, here’s a perfect solution for them! Yes, this out of office message will automatically send back a mail to those who have just emailed you.

And so your work is not getting disturbed and your contacts are informed about your leave and this out of office email response informs the sender that either he can use an alternative number for emergency queries or can come back when you return. Thus this type of message is of great use when you are out and cannot reply to all the mails coming up!

So let’s have a look how an out of office email looks like. Here are some examples that will be of some help to you.

Out of office email message sample


So first I will show a blank format of an out of office message, later on we will proceed with examples.

The message will be in normal email format, like the other emails we send. So this message will just speak about your unavailability and the possible chances of replying back. Also you will either tell of some other alternatives, so that the work does not get’s stop or you may provide with an option that might help the recipients or reader.

The very basic type of out of message is:

No. 1 – Hi there! Am currently not available until so a so date. Will get back to you as soon as I am back.



So as we can see this is the simplest form of out of office message, as it contains nothing. And the time taken to read this would hardly be 2 minutes, and the reader gets aware of your presence. Usually we can find many options available in cool out of office message. But wait, this is not done. Your message should be little capturing and simple. Make sure you do not feel any not required information so that the along with that reader might ignore the main info too. So these messages differ in each situation/ profession.

No. 2 – The second example is little different. In this we are adding up the subject of the message.

Subject/ heading of the mail: I am out, but our courses are available.

Matter/ message: hello and thanks for your mail. I am out of office right now but will get back to you as soon as possible and will reply back to you by Monday latest. In the meantime, you can have a look on the latest trending book of ours “xyz”, which was released by our team last week.

Talk to you soon.

So what we see here in this message was the business deals online, for example say blogging or any e classes. So this type of message will make sure you do not lose the connection.

Likewise here are some examples that you can edit and try it for your personal use.

– Thank you for your message. I am currently out of office, with no access to email. I will be returning on this date.

If you need assistance before then, you may reach me at this contact number. For urgent issues, please contact xyz at 0123456789 or this [email protected] email address.

And conclude it with your signature or just name and designation.

– Hey there!

I will be out of my office for the rest of the week. In my absence, please contact this number- 0123456789.

However, while I am away, feel free to check me out via social media using links below, or head over to my own blog to check out the latest and greatest from the site.


You can insert here your email signature here or just your name and designation.

– Thank you for your email, I am sorry to bring notice to you that I am currently not in the office but I shall return on this date. If you have any emergency work please feel free to speak to my colleagues or wait until I am back. Till then you can contact on any of these numbers. +91123456789 or +917788954123.


Your Name.

– If you want to make your email little casual you can use the next example.

– Hola!

I am currently in Abu Dhabi, holidaying here. And my emails did not join the trip along with me, so if there is anything urgent please contact at this number, +91123456789 and I will get back to you on 13 of December.

Also send me a copy of your query, so that if possible I may solve it. And if your matter is not urgent, enjoy your holidays.

Thank you and wish a very happy vacation!


– And lastly if you have a big connection over the emails, you can provide few more contact details.

– Your name,

Hello dear. I am currently out, and so I am not in reach with the office work. And so till 10 of June I will not be able to resolve your queries. So if you don’t have anything in urgent I request you to wait until I come back or if there is something very emergency/ important I have enclosed here few contingencies for your help. Please feel free to contact them:

1. For sales related matters, please contact Emily at [email protected].

2. For current client requests and needs, please contact Rachelle at [email protected].

3. Or any other customer support option you can contact the office number- +91123456789.

So once I am back, I will make sure I get back you over the emails.

Final Verdict on Out of office email message sample

So friends, these were some best sample and examples of office out emails, which you can use in any of the profession you like. But the only thing to keep in mind is if you are using this automatic responder make sure the content is available with latest contact numbers available and the matter should be simple and quickly understandable.

Till then bye! Do let us know what you feel about the office out emails.

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