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By | June 18, 2016

Best out of office message sample for professional and much more about best out of office message vacation today I will share with you. A very hot feature been used in the business world is the out of office message feature.

This is an amazing email feature that brings an ease to the sender. So let’s have a look at what out of office message is. In today’s article I will take you on a tour of “out of office” world and by the end of the article, you will have a clarity about the topic.

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 Best out of office message sample, template

Now, what is this out of office message?

Any guesses? The simplest way to define it would be the automatic response to a new mail received. So let me explain you in briefer so that you are left with no doubt.

Ever wondered who will reply back your important emails when you are currently not accessible to your work? Or when on vacation, who will sit on the computer and reply back to those emails that you are on vacation and will be back after some time? Oh come on, we are living in a tech generation, who has time and sit and reply to each mail individually?

Now you will be thinking then what is the solution? There is a solution! An easy and best way to keep your business associates informed about your absence. Yes, all of us can access this feature and use it for our personal works/ profession.

So how does it work? :

Best out of office message sample

This out of office reply is automatically generated and is send to those recipients who have emailed you for any purpose. Thus, informing them that you are currently not available and they can contact on the alternate number for further queries. Thus ensuring that the work is not disturbed and customer queries are filled. Sounds great right? Let us explore more about this topic.

Well, you might not be satisfied with such little information on what out of office is? So we shall see how:

– How an out of office format is.

– How is it created?

– How it must be.

– Some examples of out of office for different professions and so on.


Well this section does not require much explanation, as this feature is used in emails itself so I think you all by now have got an insight of “out of office” EMAIL.

So basically, this type of message is usually used over the internet in emailing websites/applications, whereby one inserts a text content talking about his unavailability and this message is inserted into one’s account and is send a form email to the other email addresses.

So the end of this section makes us learn that out of office message is used exclusively only in the mailing department and for email purposes only.


Since it is used for business purposes, it does not mean that it should be completely formal in the sense. You can use your casual words here in the message, but! Wait, a causal message here would not entertain the daily swag terms.

A decent language about your unavailability is expected to be in the message. No colourful font or fancy fonts are allowed. As mentioned above, a simple term content which is short and meaningful rather than long length messages.

Make sure the information is rightly placed and no grammatical error is seen. This will give a wrong impression if you do not use a good vocabulary. So let it be casual with right words and right information placed. Your reply should very specific in tone ensuring the reader attaining clarity about your leave. For example 

If you want to inform that you will be available after 5 days, put this information in starting rather than putting in the end where the reader’s attention might go unnoticed.

So the format is somewhat like this:


Then is the main matter, providing information about your absence and alternatives.

Thank you

Name Designation.

Just remember, the message must be in your own words, and must go according to the type of business you run. You should simply not copy all the content, so make sure use right words in right place depending upon your business services.


For you, right now it might be sounding a normal message used in emails. But mind you, this is something just more than a message.

· It is of great use for the ones who have a vast empire and cannot answer individually to all emails.

· It is sometimes also termed as “Autoresponder.”

· Though it looks a complex procedure, but is very simple to use and make.

· Although technical skills must be present in order to use this feature.

· So if you prepare the content for this out of office message, then nothing is to worry. This message will automatically be sent to those who are waiting for your reply.

· This message also speaks about how professional one is. Definitely, this is the most humble way to ask a recipient to either wait for your comeback or seek help from others.

· This is a sure shot solution, for you to plan your vacation without worrying about the emails you will receive during your vacation mode.

· This message is sent to each and every person emailing you.

· Always remember to switch out of office messages on, as this is the really important step in your busy life or say you take an emergency leave.

· Since the message will be in the polite formal way, it will make a positive impact about your leave to the reader.

· Lastly, this is automatically sent, so don’t worry to send it personally to everyone. (You can set the settings according to your preferences).


Here are some sample formats of out of office message. You can use any of them for your personal use, depending upon the type of work you do. Suppose if your work is completely business oriented you will make your subject as your heading and various contact details are added. So let’s have a look at different types of sample messages:

1. A simple example of this message can be like the below one:

Hey there! I am currently not in touch with the office work as I am out for some reasons. I will get back to you soon.

Thank you,


But don’t you think this message is not sufficient? Right! So let us make sure that we add more information about our availability and contact numbers.

2. So the very common type of message which is used around is the next one:


I am sorry, I cannot be here for your service as I am out, and I will be getting back to you on 4 of the next month. Until then wait or you can contact to my colleagues.



3. Well, this type of formats cannot be used everywhere so little creative skills are required.

Obviously, this message would be sent to those who have sent you a mail, so a subject is required for the mail. So these corporate offices employees make sure that they have a heading as a subject and the reader’s get an insight of the matter. It would be in something this way:

Subject: I am out, but our courses are available.

Message: Hey! Thanks for your interest in our courses. But we are currently not available. But I will get back to you as soon as possible and will reply back to your mail, Monday by latest. But in the meantime, you can check out our recent book published on hacks online on the below link.

Thank you.

4. The other type of sample I will show you is somewhat more casual in tone, but for business purpose. Usually used for vacation mood or business trips.

Hi, people!

I am currently out of town, holidaying in Goa, and unfortunately, I have no access to the internet, so if there is anything in urgent kindly contact on this number, 91123456789 and I will get back to you at the earliest. And if it is not urgent, enjoy your vacation!

Thank you and wish a very happy vacation!


5. As we have seen, the email messages, are sufficient enough, it is completely up to you whether you want to add your email signature in it or not.

Thank you for your mail, I am sorry to bring notice to you that I am currently not in the office but I will return on 10th of this month. If you have any emergency work please feel free to speak to my colleagues or wait until I am back. Till then you can contact on any of these numbers. +91123456789 or +917788954123. Also, do send me a copy of your queries so that I can resolve them when possible.

Thank you,


Assistant Manager,

Xyz Company.

6. Last I would just provide one simple tip rather than talk about the sample.

If you have large number of working extensions, then just add few more contact details about your business, for example:

1. For sales related matters, please contact Emily at [email protected]

2. For current client requests and needs, please contact Rachelle at [email protected]

3. Or any other customer support option you can contact the office number- +91123456789.

So this would get a relief for the reader to get the communication process easily.


Now we have learnt what out of office message is, and have got how to frame it. But what is a template? Yes, out of office message template. Now this template can be understood as a format too, but a blank space, wherein you can edit the template and easily fill in the details required. So the below blank sample can be perceived as a template to edit your messages.

As stressed earlier, it would start with a heading or the subject.

Subject: out of office/ or the reason for not being available/ or the business you work functions.

Then the Recipient: it might be everyone or any anonymous person waiting for your reply.


I am sorry, but I won’t be available to serve you because of this reason. Till then, please contact my colleagues on this number. I assure you, I will get back to you on this date. And if there is some emergency you can contact me on this number. (If you don’t want to give your number, give a list of numbers, or email addresses).

If you have different numbers, for different departments kindly take the pain to add them for your users.

Henceforth, this format is the classic format for all the out of office messages. You can either use this one or the above-mentioned examples. Also, if you have any suggestion in your mind, do let us know in the comment section.


So when all is set, the question arises, how to make a message? In this section, I will show you how to create a message in outlook 2010.

> Open your account on

> Then go to the settings part.

> Then click on the option where “Automatic Reply” is provided. (Usually, you will find this option in ‘file’ option).

> This automatic reply option is the out of office message generator.

> When the dialogue box for this opens, search for the option of Send Automatic Replies.

> So with this, you are been displayed with the settings such as duration period, the content, and to whom and so on.

> Once the message is inserted, fill in the other required details. This could cooperate the world or any other business world.

> And when all preferences set, click on apply and okay.

> Outlook will take care of responding to all the emails, when unavailable.


Well, out of office message is more commonly seen in Gmail accounts than in any other accounts. So below are the steps to create an out of office message for Gmail users.

> Open your Gmail account.

> Go to the settings option on the page.

> Further click on the more settings option.

> Now search for the vacation responder option.

> In vacation responder option, see that the option is switched on rather than switching off.

> Now type the content that you want your receivers to receive.

> All the necessary information must be put rather than just talking about your absence. Here information refers to contact numbers.

> Now set the duration period.

> The messages will automatically be sent to those who want to contact you.

> Click on apply option and the okay button to finish the process.

> And when your duration is ending before the required time, you can manually change the timings.

I hope, this tour was of great help to you and with the help of this article, you can create your own out of office message with great ease and without any difficulty you can find the settings too. If you have any queries or updates, you want other also to know, feel free to write it down in the comment section.

Stay tuned for more amazing updates like this!

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